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Oder this in addition for Cloth 1050 or more.

2 part Urethane was developed for us over 16 years ago.

It was originally devised for concrete parking garage floors. It was developed for unvented areas to comply with safety standards. It is one of the few non flammable urethanes. The viscosity gives complete saturation to our unfinished nylon. It is 100% solids with superb adhesion and immersion.

This odorless polymer also has excellent UV resistance and has proven successful on 1000's of skin boats It is extremely flexible and remains that way.

Also the abrasion resistance is unmatched. Over the years we have tested as many systems as we could get our hands on.

This system by far outperformed the others on every level. This is a extremely fast system and self levels. Its is a industrial product not found anywhere else, and a perfect match for the ballistic nylon product line we offer.

One order covers a 18' kayak covered in 850 denier cloth.

Order extra coating for cloth heavier than 10 oz.

This product is also superb on wood, rubber, concrete, and leather.


Come with 1 16 oz and 1 8 oz can.

Phone support: +1 360 299-0804

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