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This detailed instructional video explains traditional boat geometry using a CAD and screen capture program. Together these two programs produce high quality illustrations which are essential for explaining and demonstrating two dimensional geometry. In this video you will learn about the construction geometry for setting up to build a carvel planked wooden boat. You will be able to see and understand the geometry for the three station method, the building stations, the clamp & shelf, the rabbet notch and the transom as all of this is explained and demonstrated in detail. Also, you will learn how to pick up points from a boat and develop a lines drawing. Open this disk on your computer and see the instructions on how to get the files to play. There are twenty eight files, they open and play one at a time. The duration of all twenty eight files, is eight hours and twenty one minutes.

Most of the geometry I work with here is traditional and has been around for a long time, also some of this is my geometry. These discs are replicated, which means they are professionally manufactured and pressed from a glass master. This video is recorded at a resolution of 1584 X 1056.



Part One: 3D Geometry

1) Part One, Building the Boat in 3D
2) Outside Surface
3) Keel & Transom
4) Laying Out the Keel & Transom
5) Clamp & Shelf
6) Laying Out the Clamp & Shelf
7) Building Stations
8) Laying Out the Building Stations
9) Lines Drawing in 3D

Part Two: Lines Drawing

1) Part Two, Lines Drawing
2) Picking up Points on the Boat
3) Sheer Rabbet & Keel
4) Transom in Body Plan & Top View 
5) Ending Points
6) Stations & Diagonals
7) Water lines & Butt lines
8) Developing the Deck & Laying Out the Transom

Part Three: 2D Geometry

1) Part Three, Developing the 2D Construction Geometry
2) Three Station Method
3) Keel & Rabbet Notch
4) Building Stations
5) Flat Transom
6) Planking Deduction
7) Developing the Curved Raked Transom
8) Curved Raked Transom Reduction Extension Method
9) Curved Raked Transom Reduction Triangle Method

About the Director

Warren Williamson learned about traditional boat building and lofting at the North West School of Wooden Boat Building. He learned how to use the Rhino program by taking classes at Robert McNeel & Associates and also the MacNaughton group. Realizing how easy it is to see and figure out geometry using this CAD program, he decided that it would be a great way to make a visual presentation for demonstrating how to develop 2D boat geometry.


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