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In creating a paddle float to fit our traditional Aleut and Greenland kayak paddles, we did away with the cumbersome netting and straps that are prevalent in other floats.

Instead, our float has an air chamber that surrounds the blade, holding the paddle fast when inflated. Blow up the float, slip in your paddle, and you're ready to rescue, it's as simple as that.

The oral valve is at a right angle for easier inflation with one hand and making it able to roll and stow.

Also includes a strategically placed lanyard for attaching under deck lines.

Made with military spec urethane coated nylon, and all welds are 1/2" wide.

Our two sizes are tailored to fit either "Traditional" narrow blades (up to 4"wide) or "Conventional" paddles with over a 4" wide blade.

Hand made in Washington State, USA.

Spanish Gold only


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