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(Rolling video 105 min + Bonus Section 42 minutes)

Included in this video are 21 of the 35 rolls included in the Greenland National Championships, in addition to other techniques, skills and information. There is also a bonus section that includes a “Learn to roll” chapter showing a successful learning progression for those who cannot roll.

Rolls & skills included in Part 2: Layback Sculling Roll, Front Deck Sculling Roll, Back Deck Sculling Roll, Vertical Sculling Roll, Hull Sculling Roll, Spine roll, Behind The Back Roll, Hunting Float Roll, Speed Storm Rolls, Speed Standard Rolls, Norsaq Roll Front To Front, Norsaq Roll Back To Front, Hand Roll Front To Front, Hand Roll Back To Front, Fist Roll Front To Front, Fist Roll Back To Front, Brick Roll Front To Front, Brick Roll Back To Front, Elbow Roll, Straight Jacket Roll, Upside Down Paddling and the Walrus Pull


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