top of page is proud to offer 96% pure Orange Terpenes. (Citrus Solvent, green turpentine)

We first tested Limonene D-Limoene as a green alternative to turpentine, and mineral spirits 25 years ago. The difference is night and day.

It is actually a pleasure now to cut your finishing oils. The sweet fragrance of citrus now fills our studio. What a marriage with our 100% pure tung oil.

Finally a green solution, and with unmatched results.

We recommend a 50% Limonene to 50% Tung Oil for first penetrating coats. Then reducing to 25% for finish top coats.

You can use this mixture on your Boat Framefine woodworkstoneleather, or any porous surface you want to seal, protect and beautify.

Limonene is the major component of the oil extracted from citrus rind. When citrus fruits are juiced, the oil is pressed out of the rind. This oil is separated from the juice, and distilled to recover certain flavor and fragrance compounds. The bulk of the oil is left behind and collected. This is food grade d-Limonene. After the juicing process, the peels are conveyed to a steam extractor. This extracts more of the oil from the peel. When the steam is condensed, a layer of oil floats on the surface of the condensed water. This is technical grade d-Limonene.

As a straight solvent, d-Limonene can replace a wide variety of products, including mineral spiritsmethyl ethyl ketone, acetone, toluene, glycol ethers, and of course fluorinated and chlorinated organic solvents.

Please look for our non flammable Soy solvent in the future Sold by the Quart for bulk wholesale orders please call Corey Freedman at the Skin Boat School.


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