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Order is for  3 oz pack 

Earth Pigments have been used since the first time mankind made a mark of expression. 

We at the Skin Boat School, have tested and used these pigments to tint our boats for 20 years. We have boats here with 20 years in the weather, and they still look good. 

The long term results have been the best with the pigments than  any other color medium.

The process is simple also:

We recommend you slowly add your desired pigment direclty into the "PART B" of our 2 part urethane (start with a teaspoon). Stir in well. 

Then take a piece of scrap cloth and dip in the tinted material. 

The color you see as soon as you take out of the scrap is very close to what you will have when your boat is coated with the urethane mix. 

SLOWLY add a LITTLE more color until you reach your desired tint. Because there is some variation of thickness of coating will be on the finished product, you will have some modeling effect in the tint. 

This is not a bad thing for many. 

Most people like the more natural effect you get from the modeling (looks more like real skin). 

If you want a more even color, look at the Nylon acid dyes. 

Works well on all our fabrics also polyester. 

Each order comes in a 3oz pack. 

This can be enough for 2 or more kayaks.

Imported Italy, France, Germany, Cypress

Note: Please use as little color as you can live with. Take extra care with the Black.

Order is for  3 oz pack 


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