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We are so proud to offer you Corey’s Cowboy`s Friend 8.oz Jar (Food Grade)

Finally, a superb, non-toxic, non-flammable, sustainable wax with no breathing hazards. 

The secret is simple, we just use the best ingredients to begin with. It has been developed for professionals who demand exquisite results. 

You truly will be amazed with the simple application, fast drying,  and the huge coverage area.

  • boots
  • saddles
  • tack
  • gloves
  • bags
  • furniture
  • mold release
  • baseball mits
  • golf bags
  • whallets
  • whips
  • car seats
  • jackets
  • motorcycle gear

- zero petrochemicals

- non toxic

- 100% renewable

- organic ingredients

- food contact safe

- silky smooth satin luster

- VOC free

- adds life

COREY'S COWBOY'S FRIEND 8.oz Jar (Food Grade)

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