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The Candelilla Plant (Euphorbia Antisyphillitica and Pedilanthus Pavonis) grows in Northeastern Mexico in the wilds of the north central plains and foothills of the Chihuahua Desert, a semi-arid area of more than 100,000 square kilometers.

 The production of Candelilla Wax is confined to areas where rugged climatic and topographical conditions combine to produce the highest wax-yielding varieties. Plants growing in the hottest and driest areas produce a scale-like covering on the plant, which, after processing at hundreds of rural sites, yields a hard vegetable wax of superior quality.

 It is mostly used mixed with other waxes to harden them without raising their melting point. It also finds use in cosmedic industry, as a component of lipbalms and lotion bars. 

 Candelilla wax can be used as a substitute for Carnauba and beeswax. It is also used for making our varnishes, wood oils, and waxes.


Candelilla Wax Compatible With: All vegetable and Animal waxes, Fatty Acids, A large variety of natural and synthetic resins, Glycerides, Hydrocarbons (in certain proportions).

Candelilla Wax Uses:

  • Polishes: Furniture, Leather, Automobile, floor
  • Cosmetics: Lipsticks
  • Casting: Precision, electroplating, investment
  • Finishes: Leather, Textile, Cordage
  • Lubricants: Greases, adhesives, chewing gum, coatings

Candelilla Wax is F.D.A. Approved for the end uses indicated under Regulations 21 CFR 172.615, 175.105, 175.320, 184.1976 C.T.F.A. Listed C.A.S. #8006-44-8

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