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Back in stock is our is our 12oz. 76" wide senior ballistic nylon urethane system kit.

This is a extremely robust system. Nice to use for commercial usage of canoesumiaksskiffs, ect. Can be used on kayaks.

The 1050 Senior ballistic kit has a dense but forgiving nature to its construction.  This forgiving nature allows this fabric to stretch more and thus suck in convex curves.  This weave also allows more shrinkage when completed. Sew this skin damp, in the cold of the day. Never sew any of the nylon in the sun.

Provided is an extra 1/2 kit of urethane to accommodate the extra absorption of the thicker textile. 


Phone support: +1 360 299-0804


for full tutorials and instructions, click here 

6 YD x 79" wide 1050 URETHANE COATING KIT (skin boat cover kit)

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