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6 YD 65" 1050 URETHANE COATING KIT (skin boat cover kit)

18 feet of 12oz senior balistic nylon  + 1.5 Urethane Kits

Extremely robust. Tight weave, great bias, shrinkable, wopping 76" wide!!

Used for larger skin on frane boats, planing skin hulls, skin on frame rock garden boats. With our coating system the best, strongest we have to offer...  for sea kayaks and canoes (using our coating system) please see our 840 den offerings.

We will sew 2 pieces together for 2.00 a foot (call us).

(50%  more Urethane is included in this Kit is included)

NEED MORE OR LESS 18'? Choose from the drop down menu

Phone support: +1 360 299-0804


for full tutorials and instructions, click here 

Made in USA for the military 


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