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100% Pure Tung Oil (polymerized)
Tung oil has been recognized for centuries as the finest of oil finishes. It produces a tough, hard, surface that is absolutely waterproof, abrasion resistant and non-toxic.

Tung oil penetrates wood fibers enhancing both grain and color.It will not yellow as linseed oil finishes do.
Tung oil is revered by craftsmen for its warm, hand rubbed look.
Spirit Line's Tung oil has a honey color and a nutty aroma.

Tung oil is naturally non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Our Tung Oil has been polymerized (heat treated) for faster drying.
Tung Oil, also known as “China wood oil” is pressed from the nut of the China wood tree. The Aleurites fordii and Aleurites montana, deciduous trees are cultivated in China and South America.
The oil was used since the 13th century in boat building and was used to seal the Great Wall of China. Tung oil is also ideal for treating wood sculptures as well as to seal brick, granite and concrete.Marco Polo is credited with introducing Tung oil to the west.
Spirit Line's Tung Oil-100% Pure has zero VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). VOC’s contribute to health problems, smog and noxious odors. Tung oil is naturally polymerizing and cures by oxidation, not evaporation. Tung oil is FDA approved for food contact.
Spirit Line's 100% pure Tung Oil has been gone trough a polymerization process. This is done with heat treatment over 600 degrees under pressure. This process is for faster drying and a harder finish. Thinners can be added to increase penetration and accelerate the drying time.
We also offer D- limonene Citrus solvent. It is a thinner made from orange peels and can be used to maintain the non-toxic qualities. Our D-limonene is Orange Terpenes and is 95% pure and food grade.
There are many products on the shelves claiming to be “Tung oil finish”. These are generally standard varnishes that have been thinned with cheaper petroleum solvent. Many contain no actual Tung oil. This is why ours is called “100% Pure”.
Tung oil is the easiest finish to repair. Simply rub damaged area with 0000-steel wool and apply more Tung oil. Thin with our d-limonene (a perfect marriage) SOLD BY IN 32 oz VAPOR LOCKED CONTAINERS. 5 gallon pails and 55 gal drums.
- no prep between coats
- fast drying
- hard finish

100% PURE TUNG OIL (polymerized)

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