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Beeswax, is excreted by the honeybee, to construct the honeycomb and is found on all continents. The color of the crude beeswax is dependent upon the type of flower which gave the pollen, the age of the hive and its care, and the amount of propolis present. Natural Beeswax is amorphous and varies in color from a deep brown to a light taffy shade. Our beeswax is a golden yellow color in beads for easy handling and melting. Beeswax has a distinctive honey odor. 

Beeswax Compatible With: Vegetable, Animal, and Mineral Waxes, Tallows, Fatty Acids, Glcyerides, Hydrocarbons, Fatty Alcohols, Most all other waxes and oils.

Beeswax Uses:

  • Polishes: Furniture, Wood, Leather, Automobile
  • Cosmetics: Creams, Lotions, Lipsticks, and Sun Care Products
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ointments, Salves Candles
  • Finishes: Leather, Textile, Wood, Paper
  • Confectionery: Coatings
  • Sculpture: Engraving, Acid Etching, Lithography, Emulsions


Beeswax comes in a variety of forms and is packages in a 55.12 lb carton. 

Beeswax is F.D.A. Approved under Regulation 21 CFR 184.1973 and C.T.F.A. LISTED CAS #8012-89- 3

Product of USA


100% PURE BEES WAX (per lb)

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